Transporting Flowers

Here at Floribunda we have built up our reputation for excellent quality and service in wholesale flower sales for 20 years. Our florist supplies and event flowers are well known for their quality, and our business is known for our reliability.

By their very nature, flowers are associated with a fleeting sense of beauty. This is why an ability to maintain quality during transport has been pivotal to our success. After all, even the most stunning of floral arrangements will quickly fade if not cared for properly from the very beginning.

Worldwide Wholesale

When buying your florist supplies for your UK florist business, we know that great quality is essential. As well as our experienced buyers purchasing our flowers at auction, we have also developed great links with local growers; this gives us the ability to ensure excellent quality and freshness in all of our flowers.

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Our Services

At Floribunda we provide more than just transport. You can order your flowers at our webshop, or hire us to decorate your event.


We know that you want buying your florist supplies for the UK to be a simple process. All of our beautiful flowers and plants can be ordered easily online. Our webshop system makes ordering our products quick and easy. Your personal log in ensures that your details are safely stored to make ordering wholesale flower products a straightforward process each and every time.


With our 20 years of experience, we know a lot about transporting your flowers. Our transportation methods ensure that the flowers arrive with you in beautiful condition. The flowers are packaged to ensure freshness and quality. Our specialist drivers have an excellent reputation; they are well known for their experience and reliability when delivering you excellent quality flowers.

Event Flowers

Our customers know that they can rely on us to deliver innovative solutions for event and wedding flowers. Our event flowers service has a great reputation for providing bespoke flowers of beautiful quality. We check the quality and quantity of your order to make sure that your floral displays are amazing. We have a specialised onsite support service to ensure that your event or wedding flowers are fresh and stunning!

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Our locations

During our years of experience we delivered flowers all over the world. We drove every delivery from our base in the Netherlands to every country in Europe, to Asia, South-, and North-America.